Cyber Secure

DTS Solution is a leading cyber security consulting firm focused on securing your enterprise digital assets from the modern day cyber-attacks that can cripple your business operations. From providing cyber security strategy, addressing security compliance, understanding your current risk maturity to develop a comprehensive roadmap, from hardening your people, process and technology. Whether that is acquiring security solutions or penetration testing simulating a ‘real hacker’, to building cyber resilience framework to withstand cyber incidents is what DTS can deliver as an end-to-end lifecycle.

DTS Solution has developed the SSORR methodology based on decades of experience in securing business environments at all levels, from the bottom-up to the up-down, building a methodology that provides value to the business and management team whilst ensuring the gaps with the technical team is bridged to provide a fully-integrated approach to cyber security.

Cyber Secure domain covers aspects from offensive security, defensive security and advisory services across different industry verticals.

Cyber Secure Domain

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