Executive Cyber Dashboard


Organizations can spend a lot of money on cyber security, where the people, processes and tools all need to work together. Cyber threats are constantly changing, which means toolsets are changing as well, and cyber professionals need constant training. They also need ample time to participate in cyber communities where information about ever-more sophisticated threats is shared.

When executive leaders are asked for new funding for cyber resources and tools, but the organization has not had a significant breach, they may question whether all the investments are warranted. It may seem as if they are throwing good money to programs that need to be reined in. But why is this? Clearly, everyone knows that a data breach can be costly. Yet the executive team needs to effectively manage all resources. So, when a cyber security program is working well, how can executives know when and why to make more investments?

At DTS we are often asked to brief executives at the C-level on the outcome of our cyber security assessment projects we conduct across various types of organizations, as the board themselves approved the project and want to know the situation. To best illustrate the current state of affairs within cyber security practices across the organization we prepare an executive cyber security dashboard that covers 360 degrees holistic view. Which not only gets the boardroom talking and asking the right questions, “Are we investing the right amount of money into education and awareness, Are we having the right tools in place to prevent such type of attacks, what are our peers or competitors doing about such scenarios?”, but also get a practical feel on the situation of the risk posture and how well the investment have been utilized or how under-investment have been made to counter the modern-day cyber threat.

DTS can help build a customized Cyber Security Dashboard for your organization that will help you steer your organization towards the desired cyber security posture and have the effective communication and outreach required, while providing answers to key questions often raised by executives. Cyber dashboards are a great way to educate all levels of the organization on how a cyber security program is protecting the organization. The type of dashboard and the information presented is important and DTS can help you build and create this. At DTS we ensure the right dashboard content is developed and presented with infographics and usually contains subject matters such as;

Cyber Risks
  • External and Internal
  • Benchmark against peers
  • Risk Profile and Maturity
  • Threat Landscape
  • Year-on-Year Risk Rating
  • Level of Compliance
  • Industry and Regulatory
Executive Cyber Dashboard

Executive Cyber Dashboard

  • Statistics on number of security incidents
  • Types of incidents
  • Resolution of incidents
  • Types of incidents
  • Incident vs. Threat Landscape
Threat Level
  • Threat Landscape
  • Industry and Geo-Political

Awareness and Training
  • Security awareness and training index
  • Organizations security culture
  • Cyber security maturity level
  • Cyber risk maturity level vs. target
  • Security effectiveness measurement
  • Monetary investment vs. maturity

Cyber Security Projects
  • Capital and greenfield projects
  • Risk reduction

Like any cyber investment, developing dashboards does not guarantee protection from a cyber breach, but it certainly will help measure the program with the right transparency and educate those who need to make those important investment decisions

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