Cyber Security Strategy

Building a Cyber Security Strategy

DTS Solution can help your business by defining a Cyber Security Strategy which will set out your organization and industry landscape philosophy and program for meeting the security challenges of your digital transformation initiative. The Cyber Security Strategy is endorsed by board and executive management and is a high level strategic plan addressing a 3 to 5 years roadmap aligned to your business strategies

The Cyber Security Strategy document can be delivered through a consultative engagement with DTS where we will run multiple workshops at the board level, identify and review key business plans and initiatives, review previous risk assessment and internal audit findings, review on-going and planned capital and greenfield projects and have a solid understanding of your business landscape and industry that you operate in. We will derive a high level strategic document that outline your cyber security strategy over a period of 3 to 5 years with key pillars identified and missions and objectives to achieve within that timeframe.

In the case that your industry or organization falls into a national cyber security strategy such as a critical infrastructure, then we would advise on how your strategy would need to be aligned to support the goal of national security.

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