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Vulnerability management is classified as the cyclical practice of identifying, classifying, remediating, and mitigating vulnerabilities,especially in operating systems, firmware and applications. Vulnerability management is an integral framework that should be embedded into every organizational security policies. DTS Solution specialize in providing consulting services to delivery the Vulnerability Management policy framework development that defines to both the business and technical functions how vulnerability management should be conducted across the IT asset.

One of the many ways to discover vulnerabilities is to employ a vulnerability scanner. This is a security scanner software that analyzes the target asset through multiple means to discover vulnerabilities it is susceptible to. The vulnerability scanner identifies loopholes based on a predefined set of known vulnerabilities through a cycle of reconnaissance, scanning and discovery, vulnerability assessment, prioritization, remediation and patching and finally audit and re-assessment. A vulnerability scanner cannot necessarily identify an undocumented vulnerability, such as a zero-day attack this is the function of the penetration test. In penetration testing and fuzzing with relevant test cases, can in many cases identify certain kinds of vulnerabilities, such as a buffer overflow exploit, system kernel crash, denial of service or memory leak.

Similarly, antivirus software capable of heuristic analysis may discover undocumented malware if it finds software behaving suspiciously (such as attempting to overwrite a system file). Correcting vulnerabilities may variously involve the installation of a patch, a change in network security policy, reconfiguration of software (such as a firewall), or educating users about social engineering. Remediation is often considered the most difficult phase of any vulnerability management project - DTS has the experience and know-how on helping customers develop remediation plans that are practical and achievable whilst ensuring risks are controlled and mitigated.

QualysGuard Vulnerability Management

QualysGuard® Vulnerability Management (VM) automates the lifecycle of network auditing and vulnerability management across the enterprise, including network discovery and mapping, asset prioritization, vulnerability assessment reporting and remediation tracking according to business risk. QualysGuard Vulnerability Management allows security managers to audit, enforce and document network security in accordance with internal policies and external regulations. As an on demand Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, there is no infrastructure to deploy or manage.

Vulnerability Management Solution and Services Dubai UAE AbuDhabi Saudi

Qualys Vulnerability Management Solution and Services Dubai UAE AbuDhabi Saudi Qatar GCC Regions
QualysGuard Vulnerability Management for Large Distributed Enterprises

QualysGuard VM enables enterprises to effectively manage their vulnerabilities and maintain control over their network security with centralized reports, verified remedies, and full remediation workflow capabilities with trouble tickets. QualysGuard provides comprehensive reports on vulnerabilities including severity levels, time to fix estimates and impact on business, plus trend analysis on security issues.

Benefits of QualysGuard Vulnerability Management;
  • Mitigate risk by automating vulnerability identification and prioritizing remediation based on risk to business operations
  • Agent-less auditing, tamper resistant audit trails and the certainty that comes with third-party assessment
  • On demand SaaS technology offers significant economic advantages with no capital expenditures, extra human resources or infrastructure to deploy and manage
  • Unprecedented scalability makes it ideal for large, distributed organizations
  • Rapidly identify, visualize and organize network assets into Business Units and Asset Groups
Qualys Vulnerability Management Solution and Services Dubai UAE AbuDhabi Saudi Qatar GCC Regions

Qualys Vulnerability Management Solution and Services Dubai UAE AbuDhabi Saudi Qatar GCC Regions
Centralized Vulnerability Management
  • Automatic centralized reporting from distributed scans
  • Consolidated administration of both internal and external (perimeter) scanning
  • Executive Dashboard
  • Asset-based solution with an interactive asset search portal
  • Authorized user access from any location
  • Export reports to HTML, MHT, PDF, CSV and XML formats
  • Scheduled scans and network discoveries
  • Automated daily updates to vulnerability KnowledgeBase
  • Automated remediation ticket generation and verification

  • Comprehensive vulnerability KnowledgeBase incorporates thousands of unique checks
  • Trusted, third-party certification of network security with tamper resistant audit trails
  • Inference-based scanning engine with non-intrusive scanning techniques
  • Both un-trusted and authenticated scanning capabilities
  • Internal and external scanning provides a 360-degree view of network vulnerabilities
  • Configurable scans for customized audits
  • Unique fingerprints for over 2,000 operating systems, applications and protocols
  • Customizable reports for on demand reporting by business unit for executives and managers
  • Automated trending and differential reports
  • Remediation reporting: ticket trending by asset group, user and vulnerability
  • Scorecard reports for enterprise stakeholders
  • Automated report generation and distribution
  • Multiple report distribution options including encrypted PDF

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