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Security Operations Center 2.0

DTS Solution Professional Services team can help your organization strategize, develop and build a Next Generation Security Operations Center – SOC 2.0 to protect your information assets whilst counteracting the ever changing threat landscape.

In the past, large corporations have implemented traditional security operations centers as a means to maintain visibility regarding their information security posture. The most popular model has centered on building large command centers, where numerous analysts work side by side to assess real-time security data and manually respond to it. This is what is referred to as SOC 1.0. Although this model has proven effective, the days of SOC 1.0 are numbered.

Building a Security Operations Center


With the threat landscape ever changing within the cyber world, next generation of threats and attack vectors surfacing; information assets are more vulnerable than ever before. Organizations are now having to accept that a shift in paradigm of Information Security Operations and Maintenance needs to be implemented to keep one step ahead of the intruders.

This has led to organizations to invest heavily in protecting their information assets perimeter wide – utilizing multiple security platforms such as next generation firewalls, intrusion prevention systems, data leakage prevention devices, endpoint security etc.

The huge level of investments made by CIO’s has not necessarily translated into better protection or mitigation of information theft. Year 2011 has seen a vast number of major security breaches across major corporations and industries proving that as information security awareness continues to rise the shortfalls in proactive monitoring, maintenance, management and threat mitigation of security still remains.

With the vast number of information security breaches and the increased number of high profile and well publicized security incidents have left many executives, security professionals wondering how effective the deployed controls have been.

It is difficult to imagine these large corporations (needless to mention them) did not have security mechanisms and controls in place. Indeed they did, but the matter of fact is, investing in security infrastructure to protect your assets does not by default entitle you with protection.

Information security needs to be built as a process that becomes the core of any organization. Developing and building a Security Operations Center 2.0 practice around this exact process empowers your organization to augment the different security functions across your organization; be it audit, finance, HR, network, systems, applications etc.

SOC 2.0 – Functional Components

The SOC 2.0 functional components are illustrated in the diagram. Four fundamental elements enables SOC 2.0;

  • Operation Support System (OSS) / SIEM 2.0
  • Automation
  • Risk Management 2.0
  • Incident Handling

Each of the above elements interact with one another to create a comprehensive workflow for SOC 2.0 operations. Without doubt ‘people’ operating the SOC 2.0 environment play a major role in the day to day operations; either working as part of a dedicated team or a virtual team. However the efficient and effective way in which technology is deployed single handedly determines how optimized the entire SOC 2.0 process flow actually is.

DTS Solution can help your organization carry out a feasibility study and assessment on SOC 2.0. Providing you due diligence on SOC 2.0 initiatives whilst aligning business and governance needs into the overall workflow process. Combining that with our compliance consulting expertise on ITILv3 and ISO27002 we can help your organization develop, build and operate SOC 2.0 that drastically improves the security posture of your organization whilst reducing significant costs that are ordinarily attributed to security incidents.

DTS Solution – “Next Generation Security Operations Center – SOC 2.0” whitepaper can be downloaded here.

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