Identity and Access Management

Having a sustainable identity governance roadmap for your business can be the difference between success and failure when embarking on an identity and access management (IAM) program.

Our Advisory IAM from the White Team; offering is a cornerstone service that's designed to implement best practices in your business and help define practical solutions – all in IAM project phases.

The Advisory IAM service includes;

  • How our program provides a realistic and pragmatic. approach tailored to your technology state.
  • Insight into an actionable framework that has been proven to work.
  • Clear visibility and findings based on stakeholder interviews.

The Challenge

Every organization faces their own set of challenges when they embark on an identity and access management program, generally with the twin objectives of managing new sources of risk and facilitating new business processes. Finding the right set of tools to scale IAM infrastructure, secure access for all users and enable the business to engage with customers and partners is only part of the battle.

Many IAM implementations flounder when they forge ahead with no up-front planning and focus only on technology requirements, or, alternatively, stakeholders are stuck on mapping out a practical path toward resolving their most critical pain points because the technical hurdles and legacy technologies seem too daunting to take on. Plotting a practical roadmap requires understanding business needs, risk challenges and technical requirements when it comes to putting a strategy together for IAM.

Protect your Organization

The exponential data growth, changing the way we work, and new security challenges around data require a new security approach. To be confident that your data and intellectual property are safe, you need to know that your applications can only be accessed by those who have the authority.

Our Advisory IAM service provides services to organizations that deal with privileged identities, employee identitites and also customer identities. The broad experience we have at both a business and technical level puts us in a unique position to help you with any identity and access management challenge you might have.

Our consulting service has a simple approach to answering the simple question: is the access to your data managed properly?

Finding the right set of tools to scale IAM infrastructure, secure access for all users and enable the business to engage with customers and partners is only part of the battle.

Our approach to Identity Access Management Program

Our approach covers four key areas within identity and access management:
  • Identity and Governance: we’ll carry out an assessment of your current identity governance and define a design that supports your organization’s strategy.
  • User Administration and Provisioning: allows you to manage the full digital identity lifecycle including creation, update and removal of all user access, whilst improving business processes with workflow automation, delegated administration or self-service features for end-users.
  • Identity Federation and Single Sign-on: provides you with roadmaps and best practices to share digital identities between different organizations or systems with policies implemented to enforce security across your systems.
  • Privileged Account Management: evaluates the current maturity of your accounts, identifies strategy and designs the best authentication, authorization and accountability solution for your customers including strong authentication and the use of 2FA/OTP and behavioral based authentication.
  • Customer Identity Management: provides a peace of mind when it comes to regulatory requirements such as GDPR, HIPAA, NESA, Dubai ISR, SWIFT, PCI-DSS and ensuring customer identities are protected and have a strong eco-system and ring-fence to ensure personal information cannot be compromised. DTS can recommend state of the art technologies when it comes to KYC (Know-Your-Customer) requirements that provide customer identity due diligence and verification using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and adopt best of breed authentication and authorization controls such as Digital Identities and Adaptive Based Authentication.

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