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Security Education, Training and Awareness (SETA)

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. An organization is filled with a major risk in each of its employees, and it only takes one click in an email to let malicious code compromise a system or one mistake to lose or leak important data. A company’s employees can be its greatest asset but at the same time can also be the greatest security weakness. Investing in information security training for employees, or choosing not to, can have a huge impact on bottom line.

Cyber security education, training, and awareness (ETA) program is a critical component of any cyber security program. It is the vehicle for disseminating cyber security information that the workforce, including managers, need to do their jobs and not be a victim of a cyber security attack. In terms of the total security solution, the importance of the workforce in achieving cyber security goals and the importance of learning as a countermeasure cannot be overstated. These programs will ensure that personnel at all levels of the organization understand their cyber security responsibilities to properly use and protect the information and resources entrusted to them.

Organizations need to be informed and prepared for what they may face in the event of a severe cyber incident. Developing an awareness of cyber risks – what they are, how to identify them, the type of perpetrators - is one of the best ways to contribute to achieving effective processes and procedures to cope.

Establishing and maintaining a robust and relevant ETA program as part of the overall cyber security program is the primary conduit for providing the workforce with the information and tools needed to protect an organization's vital information resources.

DTS’S approach to raising cyber awareness within an organization incorporates a comprehensive ETA program development that covers all tiers and levels of audiences:

  • Monitoring reliable sources of cyber security intelligence to understand threat levels the organization faces.
  • Identifying the organization’s key assets at highest risk
  • Creating a customized education, training and awareness program or campaign covering all domains.
  • Educating staff to recognize and avoid cyber security threats based on business and threat landscape
  • Regular business cyber security briefings to ensure risks are proactively managed.
  • Develop Cyber Security Awareness Index for performance measurement on employee awareness
  • Nurture Cyber Security culture into the organization through gamification

DTS cyber security team can deliver a customized cyber security education and awareness program for boards, management and staff. This includes the development and delivery of both classroom-style and campaigns such as posters, banners, roll-ups, video displays, screensavers etc.

Our Cyber Security Education, Training and Awareness services include:

  • Security awareness strategy and program development.
  • This can be done in conjunction with a social engineering activity to drive best results
  • Board and management cyber security awareness and education programs and security briefings
  • Cyber security education and awareness programs - both in-person training and integrated online training programs with one of our online e-learning training providers such as Knowbe4.
  • Phishing awareness education and integrated online training programs
  • Specialist cyber training programs such as privacy, mandatory breach notification, incident response, and more
  • Specialist IT security training and empowerment - custom developed in-house for the IT professionals that have little knowledge on cyber security

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