Emerging Technologies


DTS Solution is always at the forefront of securing emerging technologies. Cyber security is now a necessity in any industry and even more specific in the tech industry where the power of cloud and connected devices play a major role in changing the way we live our lives.


As businesses adopt industry 4.0 revolution, harnessing the power of digital cloud connectivity, use of blockchain and Internet of Things (IoT) will undeniably change the way we conduct business on a day to day basis. This change will impact everyone and there is a very interesting statistic on the number of businesses who do not transform now (Y2018), will seize to even exist in the next 5-10 years. The number is estimated to be around 70%, that is an astonishing prediction, but the reality is exactly that, businesses who do not understand technology or leverage the use of technology will eventually fail.

As industry leaders and organizations look at digital disruption as a vehicle to stay one step ahead of the innovation curve; Smart City, Big Data, Cloud, IoT, Blockchain, Fintech and Artificial Intelligence to name a few, the need and importance to ensure equivalent transformation is adopted in the field of cyber security must be understood by the executive management.

New technology means there is a shift, traditional approaches are questioned, and new methods are used. Similarly, cyber security controls, analysis and threats will also adapt, evolve and change. As an example, applying traditional security controls in a cloud environment do not simply work, where components such as perimeter-less, virtualization, multi-tenancy, cryptography, isolation, tokenization being the new elements of security controls that would need to be adopted.

Similarly, IoT is likely to change the way real-time telemetry data can be obtained from field devices yet devices themselves have low computational power to have any form of embedded security controls. IoT adoption pushes the boundaries of traditional cyber security controls, as they are considered Cyber-Physical Systems and can have impact to the physical state or process. For example, hacking a computer sitting at your home has different impact level to hacking a traffic light on a main junction on a busy road that is digitally connected.

DTS can support you in your cyber security transformational program when introducing new emerging technologies that will be aligned to your business transformation initiatives. Our experience and agility will support your business initiatives by deploying a team of consultants who will be able to build the relevant assurance frameworks, requirements, security controls and provide consulting on the implication of cyber security and relevant threats and risks related to the new transformation programs you may be planning to execute.

  • Blockchain and Smart Contract Audits
  • Public and Private Cloud – PaaS, SaaS and IaaS
  • Managed Security Services Due Diligence
  • Big Data and Securing the Data Lake
  • Internet of Thing - Security
  • Security for Smart City
  • Fintech and RegTech Security
  • AML and KYC
  • SDN and NFV – Security
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • Identity Access and Management Program
  • Data Protection Program

For organizations that are yet to hit the transformation curve, we can adopt a cyber security 101 transformation program which takes you through the entire journey of building the entire cyber security practice within your organization and getting you ready for the next phase of your organizational roadmap.

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