Strategic Consulting
Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting

DTS Strategic Consulting team translates technology vision and strategy into business intelligence.

As the drive towards technology enabling your business continues, understanding how smart solutions can play an integral part within your business is fundamental. DTS Strategic Consulting division’s objective is to be an advocate and advisor for your technology vision.

Our Strategic Consulting division provides your organizations with strategic technology consultation for the challenges and decisions you are likely to face in the foreseeable future. With technology playing such an important part in business, your information systems and technology vision has to be aligned to your business goals and objectives. We also provide comprehensive Return of Invesment and Total Cost of Ownership analysis for new technology investment, with CAPEX and OPEX analysis we ensure that the decision your organization makes business sense.

Making the correct decision on the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 and the different operational and integration modes, how IT can help cut your costs by going green and utilizing shared resources within the Cloud, how security services can help generate additional revenue, financial analysis on moving to the Cloud are just some examples on how strategic decisions help shape your business for the future.

DTS Strategic Consulting team specialize in the following domains;

  • IPv4 to IPv6 transition
  • IPv6 Security
    • IPv6 Perimeter Security
    • Local Network Security – Layer 2 IPv6 vulnerabilities
    • IPv6 Host Security
    • IPSec with IPv6
    • IPv6 Mobility
  • IPTV Security Assessment
  • Security Services Monetization
    • Security as a Service
    • Secure APN with dynamic MSISDN profiling
    • Premium Broadband customers with Security Services
  • Cloud Computing Macroeconmics
    • Return of Investment (ROI) analysis
  • Managed Security Service Provider – Total Cost of Ownership and ROI analysis
  • Management and Provisioning Systems
  • Infrastructure Monitoring
  • Capacity Planning
Group 81-3
IPV4 to IPV6 Migration
With the depletion on public IPv4 addresses, transition to IPv6 is only a matter of time.
Group 81-4
IPV6 Security

The need for IPv6 is evident, with a depleted IPv4 public address space, proliferation of mobile broadband users, growth in P2P networking and content sharing, IPv6 is now a reality.

Group 81-2
IPTV Security Assessment

IPTV is an emerging technology that enables IP-based digital TV, video-on-demand, and other services over Ethernet.

Group 81-6
Security Services Monetization

As an Internet Service Provider, Mobile Operator or even a Cloud Provider – Security Services can indeed be monetized.

Group 81-6
Cloud Computing Macroeconomics
The emergence of cloud services is again fundamentally shifting the economics of IT.
Group 81-6
Management and Provisioning Platforms

Provisioning and inventory systems used to be backstage, batch-oriented, single-purpose systems designed to make life easier for engineers who made manual network changes.

Group 81-6
Infrastructure Monitoring
Information Technology is now an integral part of any business operations.
Group 81-6
Capacity Planning
Capacity planning can be defined as the production capacity needed by an organization to meet changing demands for its products and infrastructure.