Provisioning and inventory systems used to be backstage, batch-oriented, single-purpose systems designed to make life easier for engineers who made manual network changes. Now, however, as telecoms face the daunting tasks of configuring smartphones and triple play video services, provisioning and inventory systems are increasing “going live” and becoming far more real-time, integrated, multi-layered, and mechanized.

Operational Support Systems (OSS) play a key part in telco’s service layer; where service creation, service automation, service upgrade and downgrade, policy-based provisioning, service activation and de-activation are critical components of sustaining the lifecycle of a service.

Administrators respond to a huge number of change requests every day. These change requests range from provisioning new users within multiple applications, editing configurations for users, adding people to various groups. Any changes made manually are prone to errors that can create security problems. By automating the provisioning of users, applications, services and devices, can significantly reduce errors, improve security, and decrease the cost of administration. The right management provisioning OSS system enables secure and auditable provisioning and de-provisioning, enforcing reliable, consistent and repeatable processes across multiple environments whilst ensuring consistency across disparate environments.

By automating the service creation & provisioning process, you can:
  • Accelerate deployment of new services and new revenues
  • Ensure rapid customer implementation
  • Ensure scalable, consistent deployment
  • Reduce misconfigurations and human error
  • Reduce OpEx via standardized customer configuration
  • Increase Service Providers’ level of competitiveness

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