IPv4 to IPv6 Consultancy UAE Saudi Qatar

With the depletion on public IPv4 addresses, transition to IPv6 is only a matter of time. This transition can be a daunting prospect for your organization; identifying where IPv6 will be utilized, use of dual-stack where IPv4 and IPv6 will co-exist, use of tunneling mechanisms to route IPv6 traffic through an IPv4 cloud and NAT translation of IPv6 to IPv4 and vice versa all need to be understood and assessed.

DTS Strategic Consulting division can provide you an end-to-end assessment of IPv4 to IPv6 transition;

  • IPv6 Inventory
    • Current inventory or asset and IPv6 compatibility
  • IPv6 Design Architecture
    • Where IPv6 will be used – link-local / site local or global domains
    • Dual Stack operations
    • Tunnel mechanism – NAT444 / DS Lite / 6-to-4
    • IPv6 routing protocols – OSPFv3 / BGPv6 / PIMv2
  • IPv6 Transition Plan
  • IPv6 Testing
  • IPv6 Readiness