As an Internet Service Provider, Mobile Operator or even a Cloud Provider – Security Services can indeed be monetized. Customers / Subscribers are willing to pay an additional premium to ensure their online activities and services are secured from external threats. Security Services such as Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, DDoS protection, Web Filtering, Content Filtering, Parental Control and Intrusion Prevention System can all be packaged as a consumer value added service giving subscribers the ability to select the security service they need.

By integrating dynamic profiling technology, Security as a Service can be offered to subscribers on-demand. Managed Security Service Providers can offer Security Services based on a Customer Premises Edge (CPE) or Cloud based model, whilst ISP and Mobile Operators can leverage their existing Service Layer Domain by implementing security services on the fly.

Security Services can be monetized in the following service models;

Internet Service Provider

Broadband user being redirected to Security Services Gateway using an integrated solution of BRAS and Session and Resource Control and Content Inspection Director Engines. Broadband users are dynamically assigned policies for the services they have subscribed to; such as bandwidth and security services such as Anti-Virus.

Mobile Operator

Mobile Data Coporate Consumers can be offered Security Services as part of the VAS services that already exist. With services such as MMS, Push To Talk, Unified Communications, MobileTV, etc; Security Services can also be offered to consumers. By using dynamic policy enforcement engines and using a Secure APN services traffic from the GGSN can be redirected to Security Services Gateway providing clean pipe services; Anti-Virus, Anti-Spam, Parental Control and Web Filtering. Integrating with AAA / PCRF consumer billing can be based on fixed or usaged model.

Cloud Provider

Cloud Providers can offer Security as a Service (SaaS) model to customers looking to transition to the cloud. With Managed Remote Authentication, Managed Hosted Email Security, Managed Anti-Virus and Content Filtering Services, In-Cloud UTM and DDoS are just some of the services a Cloud Provider can offer to customers.

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