Professional Services
Professional Services

Professional Services

DTS Solution Professional Services team are a set of vastly experienced consultants and lead architects.

Having a combined experience of over 20 years within the IT domain; covering many industry verticals from Service Providers, Large Enterprises, Financial Institutes and Governmental Organizations.

Our Professional Services team provide a range of post-sales consulting services that include project design and architecture, deployment, implementation and migration services to on-site resident engineering.

At DTS our PS team are driven to deliver projects that meet the requirements and acceptance criteria. With our highly skilled consulting team your organization can be assured the services offered to be of utmost quality. All project deliverables are quality controlled by our lead principal consultants before submission; ensuring a consistent deliverable of the highest quality. By incorporating industry best practices and standards we strive to provide professional services that fulfil all your business needs.

DTS Professional Services Team provides three catalogue of services;

Architectural Design

  • Information Security Consulting – Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Documentation Services
  • Security Architecture Design – defining a blueprint with executive security scorecards
  • Network Security Audit
  • High Level Design
  • Low Level Design

Deployment and Implementation

  • Implementation Services
  • Firewall Migration Services
  • Information and Service Flow Analysis – based on your access control matrix definition

On-site support

  • Resident Engineering Services
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Information Security Consulting
DTS Solution are specialists in providing comprehensive Information Security Consulting Services to your organization. In its basic form, information security can be classified into three primary tenants; confidentiality, integrity and availability.
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Documentation Services
DTS understand the challenges your organization faces when it comes to documenting security policies, procedures, standards, risk objects along with logical and physical network diagrams.
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Security Architecture Design
The purpose of the security architecture blueprint is to bring focus to the key areas of concern for the enterprise, highlighting decision criteria and context for each security domain.
Group 81-6
High Level Design
A High Level Design (HLD) Document provides an overview of a solution, platform, system, product, service, or process.
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Low Level Design
Low Level Design (LLD) is detailing the HLD and defines the actual logic for each and every component of the solution.
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Firewall Migration Services
DTS Solution Professional Services team specializes in providing advanced network firewall migration services across different firewall technology vendors.
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Implementation Services
Our expert technical consultants and architects can offer a diverse range of implementation services.
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Information and Security Flow Analysis
DTS Solution Professional Services team specialize in developing standardized Information and Security Service Flow Analysis that are based on your Enterprise I.T architecture.
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Network Security Audit
Network Security Audit is a fundamental part of any I.T Security standard.
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Resident Engineering
With DTS Professional Services Resident Engineer (RE) your organization can benefit from on-site technical expertise within a particular technology or solution domain.