Professional Services

DTS Solution Professional Services team are a set of vastly experienced consultants and lead architects. Having a combined experience of over 20 years within the IT domain; covering many industry verticals from Service Providers, Large Enterprises, Financial Institutes and Governmental Organizations.

Our Professional Services team provide a range of post-sales consulting services that include project design and architecture, deployment, implementation and migration services to on-site resident engineering.

At DTS our PS team are driven to deliver projects that meet the requirements and acceptance criteria. With our highly skilled consulting team your organization can be assured the services offered to be of utmost quality. All project deliverables are quality controlled by our lead principal consultants before submission; ensuring a consistent deliverable of the highest quality. By incorporating industry best practices and standards we strive to provide professional services that fulfil all your business needs.

DTS Professional Services Team provides three catalogue of services;

Architectural Design

  • Information Security Consulting – Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Documentation Services
  • Security Architecture Design – defining a blueprint with executive security scorecards
  • Network Security Audit
  • High Level Design
  • Low Level Design

Deployment and Implementation

  • Implementation Services
  • Firewall Migration Services
  • Information and Service Flow Analysis – based on your access control matrix definition

On-site support

  • Resident Engineering Services
Information Security Consulting
DTS Solution are specialists in providing comprehensive Information Security Consulting Services to your organization. In its basic form, information security can be classified into three primary tenants; confidentiality, integrity and availability. Whilst your organization may see information security as an important function it may not necessarily be driven in the right strategic way through Governance, Risk and Compliance based models. More
Documentation Services
DTS understand the challenges your organization faces when it comes to documenting security policies, procedures, standards, risk objects along with logical and physical network diagrams. More often than not documenting security related processes are missing; leaving your business vulnerable to audit trail failures, improper handover and knowledge transfer or even worse risk acceptance not being stored on the risk repository. More
Security Architecture Design
The purpose of the security architecture blueprint is to bring focus to the key areas of concern for the enterprise, highlighting decision criteria and context for each security domain. Since security is a system property it can be difficult for Enterprise Security groups to separate the disparate concerns that exist at different system layers and to understand their role in the system as a whole. More
High Level Design
A High Level Design (HLD) Document provides an overview of a solution, platform, system, product, service, or process. Such an overview is important in a multi-project development to make sure that each supporting component design will be compatible with its interdependent designs. The highest level solution design should briefly describe all platforms, systems, products, services and processes that it depends upon and include any important design considerations and options that have been selected. More
Low Level Design
Low Level Design (LLD) is detailing the HLD and defines the actual logic for each and every component of the solution. Detailed Network Security functional diagrams with all the methods and relation between each logic comes under the LLD. Technical specifications are covered under LLD with direct references to the HLD. LLD describes each and every functional part of the solution in an extensive manner so that the implementer can directly translate and configure the solution based on this. More
Firewall Migration Services
DTS Solution Professional Services team specializes in providing advanced network firewall migration services across different firewall technology vendors. Firewall technology typically has a lifetime that is very much determined by your organization’s growth; this duration is often dictated by growing security requirements within the organization, enhanced security feature requirements, End-of-Life and support of the technology and more importantly firewall throughput performance requirements. More
Implementation Services
Our expert technical consultants and architects can offer a diverse range of implementation services. Through numerous years of experience, industry knowledge and practical application of designing, integrating and supporting complex networks and security, we are able to optimize implementation delivery and offer best-in-class pre and post-sales implementation services. More
Information and Security Flow Analysis
DTS Solution Professional Services team specialize in developing standardized Information and Security Service Flow Analysis that are based on your Enterprise I.T architecture. Security Service Flow Analysis enables your organization to have complete visibility of services and applications within your infrastructure. Enabling your business to rapidly provision new services, understand application and server dependencies, how applications and services traverse your infrastructure and assist in identifying potential security risks. The end outcome of the Information and Service Flow results is a representation of the logical security architecture based on security domains and zones; and how services and applications interact within the infrastructure. More
Network Security Audit
Network Security Audit is a fundamental part of any I.T Security standard; with security dynamics within your organization ever changing, new threats materializing, risks exposure increasing, new applications provisioned with inherent security concerns, auditing becomes an integral process to ensure risks are contained and controlled. More
Resident Engineering
With DTS Professional Services Resident Engineer (RE) your organization can benefit from on-site technical expertise within a particular technology or solution domain. With organizations unable to focus on non-business critical functions such as IT support and opting for outsourced support model, our RE services can offer a viable alternative to provide advanced operational support and maintenance functions whilst resource investment is directed towards revenue generating business streams. More