Our expert technical consultants and architects can offer a diverse range of implementation services. Through numerous years of experience, industry knowledge and practical application of designing, integrating and supporting complex networks and security, we are able to optimize implementation delivery and offer best-in-class pre and post-sales implementation services.

DTS provides an additional value-add to our client’s security projects. Organizations can opt to use our team in a primary, secondary or supplemental role. Whether the products are secured through DTS or through an alternate resource, our technical consultants and architects have a broad depth and range of expertize to assist in any long or short-term project.

Security Statement of Work

An effective integration begins with a well-defined and agreed-upon plan with clear milestones. Prior to every engagement, DTS will provide a Security Statement of Work to confirm a shared set of expectations, responsibility matrix and deliverables. The statement of work will define all the requirements, the end objectives and an outline of the necessary steps to delivery these objectives. Security Statement of Work will serve as the benchmark when final testing and acceptance is requested.

Proof of Concept

Infrastructure investments must achieve a well-defined level of return along with meeting the exact specifications and requirements; such a return on investment is not always easily quantified. DTS can offers organizations Proof of Concept (PoC), or a pilot that demonstrates the value of the network and security solution investment, compliance with the requirements that is thoroughly pre-tested to achieve the desired results. Working onsite at your location or at a DTS Lab, our consultants will assist and supply the appropriate analyses and feedback on the validity of the investment whilst validating all the preconditions enabling you to make an informed judgment.

End-to-End Comprehensive Services

The desired effect of any security investment is to seamlessly achieve security and mitigate risks, without adversely impacting user functionality and productivity. DTS consultants validate not only the initial affected area of design, but also ensure that all aspects and dependencies of the enterprise are functional related to the design. The network is a vast connection and matrix of multiple systems, services, resources and people, and DTS complete end-to-end integrated solutions provide implementation services beyond just a point product deployment.