A High Level Design (HLD) Document provides an overview of a solution, platform, system, product, service, or process. Such an overview is important in a multi-project development to make sure that each supporting component design will be compatible with its interdependent designs. The highest level solution design should briefly describe all platforms, systems, products, services and processes that it depends upon and include any important design considerations and options that have been selected.

A high-level design document will usually include a high-level architecture diagram depicting the components, interfaces and networks that need to be further specified or developed in the Low Level Design. The document may also depict or otherwise refer to work flows and/or data flows between component systems. In addition, there should be brief consideration of all significant commercial, legal, environmental, security, safety and technical risks, issues and assumptions.

The idea is to mention every work area briefly, clearly delegating the ownership of more detailed design activity whilst also encouraging effective collaboration between the various project teams. Today, most high-level designs require contributions from a number of experts, representing many distinct professional disciplines. Finally, every type of end-user should be identified in the high-level design and each contributing design should give due consideration to customer experience.

The High Level Design Document content includes;

  • Overall High Level Design Architecture
  • Key Technical Requirements
  • Key Technical Design Decisions and Criteria
  • Solution Overview
  • List of dependencies and prerequisites
  • Product or Solution features and functions
  • Project Risks and any assumptions made.

DTS Professional Services team provides HLD documenting services that is based on the above methodology; conducting multiple design workshops, information gathering exercises and a lateral consulting approach we can ensure the HLD delivered addresses all initial key design factors.