DTS understand the challenges your organization faces when it comes to documenting security policies, procedures, standards, risk objects along with logical and physical network diagrams. More often than not documenting security related processes are missing; leaving your business vulnerable to audit trail failures, improper handover and knowledge transfer or even worse risk acceptance not being stored on the risk repository.

At DTS Solution our Professional Services team are able to offer a complete suite of documentation services that can effectively streamline your security processes. With a catalog of documents to meet your individual organizational requirements we are able to integrate documentation services into your internal processes and controls to ensure documentation is kept updated, version tracked and secured.

The catalogue of documentation services include;

Information Security Policies
  • Network Security Policy
  • Email Policy
  • Wireless Security Policy
  • Security Audit Policy
  • Remote Access Policy
  • Password Policy
  • Access Control Policy
  • Web Application Security Policy
Risk Management Process
  • Risk Identification Template
  • Risk Mitigation Template
  • Risk Repository and Monitoring
IP address and VLAN schema worksheet
Network and Security Physical and Logical Diagrams
Firewall and IPS change control process life-cycle
  • Create Firewall Policies with change request ID
  • Delete Firewall Policies when expiry date defined by change request or re-approval