DTS Solution presents at I-SAFE 2014 ISACA UAE Chapter

DTS Solution presents at I-SAFE 2014 ISACA UAE Chapter

The annual prestigious ISACA UAE Chapter event 2014 held in Burj Al Arab was never going to disappoint, with a fantastic line-up of speakers within the information and network security field. The theme for this year’s event being “cyber demystified” - the presentation given by DTS Solution straight after the keynote and as the opening presentation was one that raised eyebrows and provided the dark reality the industry is facing when it comes to cyber threats and modern cyber-warfare.

DTS Solution presentation titled “RU PWNED – Living a life as a Penetration Tester” was co-presented by Shah Sheikh – Co-Founder and Sr. Security Consultant and Mohamed Bedewi – Sr. Penetration Tester and Security Researcher at DTS Solution. The presentation covered all aspects of testing security resilience through the work that the security assessment team does on a daily basis at DTS Solution. The presentation illustrated the current poor state of information security protection across the UAE and GCC regions with live examples and scenarios on how DTS was able to penetrate into major organizations through active project engagements and security research work.

Burj Al Arab ISACA ISAFE 2014 Shah Sheikh Mohamed Bedewi

Mohamed Bedewi – demonstrated with live screenshots of the vulnerabilities discovered across major organizations using different ethical hacking techniques. Organizations with a very high security maturity level with sophisticated security tools to the ones that did not invest in security were all compromised using different attack vectors – from poor web application development, misconfigured network and security infrastructure, reverse engineering security controls and being able to bypass physical security were just some of the scenarios presented to demonstrate how “hackers” thought process varies from target to target.

Shah Sheikh – presented on different niche security areas such as Security for (IoT) Internet of Things, Smart Medical Devices and ICS/SCADA. IoT is playing a key role in technology consumerization and security plays a significant role in its uptake. From insecure WIFI enabled thermostats to Smart TV’s that watch your every move were demonstrated in the presentation. Details on performing penetration testing across Smart Medical Devices such as Insulin Pumps and X-Ray Machines were also shared where more industry research is required as Smart Healthcare Services become the norm in being able to provide real-time data with little or inadequate provision for cyber security risks.

DTS Solution presentation at ISAFE 2014 for ISACA UAE Chapter was to raise security awareness amongst industry professionals in the field and to demonstrate the unfortunate reality of cyber threats existing in different forms – from financial gain, organized cyber-crime to geo-political reasons with detailed real-world examples on how the vulnerabilities can be exploited.

DTS Solution is the leader in Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing across the UAE and MENA region.