DTS Solution launches Security Research Labs Portal

DTS Solution launches its research and security labs portal to provide the latest security updates, research and development, tool-kits and whitepapers around cyber security.

DTS being the leading security solutions provider in GCC and MENA region has always innovated in the security field through numerous launch of their own products – Firewall Policy Builder www.firewallpolicybuilder.com and also SIGTRAN SCTP Firewall SIGFIL www.sigfil.com. With the new launch of the security research and labs portal will provide a platform to raise security awareness and provide technical and strategic thought leadership when it comes to understanding cyber security related matters across the different industry verticals.

DTS has always keen on promoting its research and development to counter latest security threats and risks across the UAE and GCC region. The labs portal will deep dive into many different areas of interest such as Critical Infrastructure Protection, Smart Grid Security NIST7628, Implementing IEC-62443 standards across Process Control Networks, Telecom Security and attacking Signaling Networks on 4G/LTE, Social Engineering Simulation, Web Based Application Security (OWASP Top 10) and Zero Day Malware Research. These sample topics will provide in-depth analysis on the work DTS Solution carries out on a daily basis in terms of security research and also lessons learnt through active customer engagement.

Threat knowledge and information sharing is key to building a stronger cyber security defense mechanism and as DTS Labs our aim is to reach a wide community of security professionals in the regional market to be updated with the latest trends in the security space.

The DTS Labs portal will also give our team an opportunity to share some of the research work in their respective field of expertise