Yehia Mamdouh delivers Keynote Address at Qubit Conference 2019 in Bulgaria

Qubit Cyber Security Conference

Social Engineering in the Dark Future

Yehia Mamdouh, Our Sr. Penetration Testing Consultant & Security Researcher at DTS Solution was the keynote speaker at Qubit Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria. In his keynote, Yehia explained how to prepare ourselves as individuals and organizations to defend against Social Engineering attacks?

Yehia Mamdouh, Security Researcher and Sr. Penetration Testing Consultant at DTS Solution delivered the opening keynote address at Qubit Conference held in Sofia, Bulgaria on 14th November 2019. In its second year, Qubit Conference, one of the major cyber security conferences in the SEE region witnessed practical workshops, excellent speakers, educational sessions, news and networking.

Yehia delivered the opening keynote address titled "Social Engineering in the Dark Future" to a highly attentive audience in the room. In his keynote, Yehia presented how social engineering will be in the future, how phishing and vishing will look like, how artificial intelligence will play a huge role in these type of attacks and finally how to prepare ourselves as individuals and organization to defend against those attacks.

About Yehia Mamdouh

Yehia Mamdouh has 8+ years of experience in the field of penetration testing and security research along with social engineering and physical assessment. He is currently working as a Senior Penetration Testing Consultant and Security Researcher at DTS Solution

Yehia is an expert in various domains such as VAPT, system penetration testing, physical security assessment, SCADA VAPT, security training and awareness programs. He holds multiple technical certifications such as CEH, VCA6-DCV, OWASP and QCERT.

Qubit Cyber Security Conference