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Independent from the size of the organization, IT infrastructure is expanding significantly to meet business needs. New IT services are established and new IT projects are launched to meet such needs. Keeping a consistent IT Security approach when your IT infrastructure exponentially grows is a daunting challenge itself. IT security environments and domains are getting more diverse and complex that address different security requirements; stateful-firewalls, antivirus systems, IPS, remote access or network traffic encryption systems. With traditional security systems these elements would be individual devices required to be managed separately adding to maintenance and OPEX costs.

IT Security is a must but it should support the business and not have an adverse impact. With UTM - Unified Threat Management technology it addresses this problem by reducing the complexity of the IT Security infrastructure whilst providing a comprehensive set of security features. UTM solutions combine several security features in one unit decreasing the complexity of the IT security infrastructure, reducing investment, operating and training costs and simplifying system management and troubleshooting.

Defense in Depth UTM

Typical UTM solutions include
  • Stateful firewall
  • AntiVirus
  • AntiSpam
  • IPS
  • Web and Content Filtering
  • User Identity and Authentication

Additional features like WAN Optimization, DLP, Wireless LAN Controller and VOIP are also available.

DTS Solution works with market leading vendors for UTM solutions and with our expertise we can assist you in;

  • Analysing your IT Infrastructure environment to check if and where UTM can be a solution
  • Designing the right Solution which integrates into your IT Infrastructure
  • Implementation and Post Sales Services

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