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Remote Access Solution increases your organizations overall productivity by allowing users of different security profiles to access resources at any time, from any location with any device. Remote Access Solutions have typically evolved from client-to-site IPSEC VPN technology to a thin client based SSL VPN remote access solution supporting a plethora of endpoint devices. Next generation of Remote Access Solutions have strict integration with Identity Access Management involving Authentication, Authorization and Accountability, User Profiling, Endpoint Security and Malware protection.

Providing a secure and fully integrated Remote Access Solution should be the aim of your organization; whilst requirements from employees to access resources from corporate assets exist, employees may also want to access restricted resources from personal computers or kiosk machines. Such security risks of managed and unmanaged endpoints accessing resources need to be addressed pragmatically.

As your organization develops strong partners and supplier relationships; you may well be tasked to provide a secure Remote Access Solution for extranet users or users that are considered semi-trusted. With such requirements, authentication and authorization play a key part, but the ability to create a full audit trail and monitor user activity also needs to be considered. Integrating Remote Access solution with Firewalls and IPS systems to provide Coordinated Threat Control based on the dynamics of the traffic is also changing the way how remote access solutions are viewed.

Remote Access Security Solutions Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE Saudi

Remote Access Security Solutions Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE Saudi

Remote Access Design and Deployment Expertise...

Other challenges organization face that already have existing Remote Access Solutions are to validate existing security configuration, typically user access configurations are applied without changes being audited on a regular basis, users that may have left the organization may still have access to resources, remote access from users not being integrated into the organization overall log management solution. For that reason, DTS can provide Security Audits for Remote Access Solution including framework development, remote access workflow and guidance on improving the security posture of your remote access solution.

Our expertise includes:

  • Auditing existing Remote Access Solutions and providing recommendations on consolidation, advanced remote access security, integration with authentication and directory services, providing federated access and dynamic policy provisioning.
  • Designing Remote Access solutions based on SSLVPN and IPSEC technologies which are scalable, dynamic, granular and secure; catering for remote access requirements of Enterprises to Service Providers.
  • Designing the Remote Access Solution based on a user access connectivity matrix that includes identifying which user groups and mapping them to resources they are authorized to access. This typically involves working with the data owner and custodian; whilst coordinating with security and operations teams to determine the level of endpoint compliance requirements each user group need to maintain.
  • Implementation and Integration in existing environment; involving Authentication and authorization services, possibly with two-factor authentication to prevent user account sharing misuse. Integration into existing security information and event management (SIEM) tool along with integrating provisioning as a change process.

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Remote Access Security Solutions Dubai Abu Dhabi UAE Saudi