Network Access Control (NAC) technology is a key driver to secure your corporate wired and wireless networks from unauthorized access. With organizations facing significant challenges on securing their access networks; with users ranging from employees, sub-contractors, semi-trusted 3rd party users, outsourced managed services team to guest users all trying to access corporate resources from managed and unmanaged endpoints through different access medium can be a daunting prospect for your security team.

Designing and deploying the right NAC solution to meet your compliance requirements is paramount to ensure a consistent access control model is applied to the different user profiles. By providing dynamic network access based on user profiles and privileges is key to a successful deployment; understanding the key pain points in NAC integration with authentication, auto-remediation services, dynamic VLAN assignment based on endpoint compliance and reputation and designing the right solution is what differentiate DTS with our competitors.

Unified Access Control NAC Framework v1
Sample Network Access Control Technical Framework and Architecture

At DTS we understand through project deployment experiences the dynamics of NAC solutions and can provide the solution that best meets your organizational requirements. By collaborating with your security operations, network operations, service desk and support teams we are able to create a complete NAC workflow that details the exact procedural requirement to deploy NAC across your enterprise network.

The NAC solution we offer is based on 802.1x standardized protocol and follows port based authentication and endpoint compliance before providing authorized network access to the user. DTS Consultants can provide a complete integrated NAC solution that enables your organization to benefit from endpoint profiling, asset discovery, auto-remediation features, integration with IF-MAP supported devices based on the TNC group and guest access provisioning.

At DTS we believe NAC necessitates multiple vendor interoperability and seamless integration with your existing environment to provide a complete end-to-end solution. For more information about NAC design, deployment and solution offering consisting of a multi-vendor solution please contact our sales team.