Shah Sheikh awarded “Amity Award for Emerging Technocrat” by Amity University at ICCAKM 2020

Shah Sheikh Awarded Emerging Technocrat by Amity University

Shah Sheikh recognized with the "Amity Award for Emerging Technocrat" by Amity University at the IEEE sponsored International Conference in Dubai

We are pleased to share that, our co-founder / Sr. Cyber Security Consultant & Advisor - Shah H. Sheikh was honoured with the prestigious "Amity Award for Emerging Technocrat" at the IEEE sponsored International Conference on Computation, Automation and Knowledge Management (ICCAKM) 2020 held in Dubai Amity University Campus.

Shah Sheikh was bestowed with the award by the Senate & Board of prestigious IEEE Sponsored ICCAKM 2020 in an effort to recognize Shah's most valuable contribution in the field of Industry & Academics.

Shah has achieved an enviable position in the corporate world with his creative bent of mind, risk taking ability, innovative ideas, goal orientation and self-confidence. He has directed the company's global strategy for a decade and helped DTS Solution to increase its market share through network expansion and development of new innovative products.

Amity Award for Emerging Technocrat