DTS Solution awarded a “Certificate of Appreciation” by ADNOC for Successful Implementation of Core Security Technologies


DTS Solution received a "Certificate of Appreciation" from ADNOC HQ for the Successful Implementation of Core Security Technologies in ADNOC NET Project

DTS Team was recently recognized by ADNOC HQ for our successful implementation of core security technologies as part of the ADNOC NET project. A big shout out and many congratulations to our DTS Blue Team members who worked tirelessly to make this project a big success!

ADNOC underwent transformation to unify all operating OPCOs under a single network in terms of reliability, security and scalability with the prospect of an enhanced version which is comparable to other existing networks in the country. The aim was to allow ADNOC have the capability to reduce the cost of IT infrastructure by utilizing commercially available technology to allow for capital cost savings. The project named “ADNOC NET” was of paramount importance to ADNOC HQ to provide secure and scalable connectivity and achieve defence in depth strategy for securing the ADNOC Net Infrastructure having granular visibility and reduce OPEX and CAPEX utilizing next generation security solutions at a micro level.

Being a long trusted partner, DTS Solution was approached by Etisalat to provide system integration, migrations and professional services from end to end. Due to highly sensitivity of business and extreme urgency to complete the design and bring the new Infra Ready For Service (RFS), DTS Architect lead the final designs, on-boarding and integration of new solutions with ADNOC’s existing MPLS and Internet network in record time along with Etisalat’s Core team.

DTS Solution successfully implemented core security technologies that were required to provide defence in depth for the ADNOC Net Infrastructure having industry leading Hybrid DDOS security solution, Multi-layer Next Generation Firewalls for Internet Gateway and WAN Infrastructure with Sandboxing, Threat Prevention and Intrusion Detection capabilities, DNS Security Solution for Internal and External DNS and Link encryption solution.

Certificate of Appreciation from ADNOC HQ
Certificate of Appreciation from ADNOC HQ