Security Assessments
Security Assessments

Security Assessments

DTS Solution specializes in security assessment services that require deep technical expertise and know-how.

With a proven methodology in identifying vulnerabilities, active threat profiling and security control gaps assessment, we are at the forefront in providing risk mitigation controls that spans across any enterprise architecture.

DTS can provide the most comprehensive detailed security assessment services through the use of commercial and in-house developed assessment tools. Our assessment services are packaged into the following focus areas;

Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Assessment

  • Black Box Ethical Testing – External / Perimeter
  • Vulnerability Management – Infrastructure
  • SAP / ERP / Oracle Security Audit

Unified Communications Audit

  • VoIP SIP Security / UC / Tele-presence security – Using ViperLAB tools

SCADA Security Evaluation Toolkit

  • Industrial Control Systems Security Readiness
  • Defense in Depth – Application Whitelisting Techniques / USB Malware Infection / Air Gap Protection Assessment

Mobile Network Security

  • UMTS / LTE – GTP Scan / Spoofed TEID / SCTP Scan and Fuzzing / APN bruteforce
  • Fixed Mobile Convergence – SeGW and IMS Security

Endpoint IP Discovery and Network Leakage Detection

  • Rogue and Unknown Network Detection
  • Backdoor connections (3G / xDSL / Rogue WiFi and leaking endpoints discovery and classification)

Availability Assessment

  • DDoS Protection – Botnet / Zombie Detection
  • Web Portal Availability / DNS Server Protection – Protocol Fuzzing, DDoS attack simulation

Core Network Security

  • MPLS – MP-BGP and VRF Security (RT import and export analysis) / PE-CE security and label insertion
  • VPLS – Spanning Tree, ARP poisoning, MAC spoofing
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Penetration Testing Services
Penetration tests are usually conducted outside business hours or when networks and applications are least used, thereby minimising the impact on everyday operations.
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Vulnerability Assessment
At DTS we provide full-suite of vulnerability assessment, vulnerability scans and provide a quick, easy, and inexpensive check to confirm your systems are protected. The type and nature of vulnerability assessment varies.
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ERP Security Assessment

Enterprise Resource Management Solutions are nowadays the backbone in enterprise domains , the processes are being automated with employees, partners, systems working in defined and customizable workflows.