ERP Security Assessment – Oracle SAP Microsoft

Enterprise Resource Management Solutions are nowadays the backbone in enterprise domains , the processes are being automated with employees, partners, systems working in defined and customizable workflows.

ERP as High Value Target.

These are centralized solutions and quite often a high value targets for hacker, the potential breach of these system can lead to following setbacks for an enterprise.

  • Trade Secrets disclosure such as cost, profits and supplies.
  • Employee Information disclosure.
  • Supply chain information.
  • Accounts data such as costing, sales projections.
  • Historic data leakage.
  • Stocks Evaluation.
  • marketing campaigns.


They are Vulnerable

ERP are vulnerable and the following reasons makes this statement true.

Cost of SDLC : ERP Systems are complex  due to which the time and budget requirements for their development are very high , at the same time they need rapid development to make sales figures, this hassle ultimately comprises the quality of security features which can not be demonstrated to clients in sales process.

Lack of SSDLC : The software industry is still lagging behind to adopt SSDLC – Secure software development life cycle.

Systems Integration: The ERP Systems are supposed to provide integration with other systems , and if the integrated system are not fully patched and secured they can cause vulnerabilities to the core of ERP System.

Public: The ERP systems are made publicly available which also lets hackers to have a look and exploit vulnerabilities.

Authentication integration: because of client requirements the ERP vendors have to develop authentication integration such as AD , LDAP , Kerberos etc. , these authentication mechanisms are becoming legacy and many zero days are being discovered by hackers till date.

Lack of processes: The internal Resources are also sometime the bigger cause of ERP exploitations such as lack of security compliance and processes, less trained resources (non IT staff) , end point infections(such as key loggers and malware).

Overall the complexities involved with ERP systems, some mentioned above causes many vulnerabilities and need to be addressed seriously.

DTS is here to Secure your ERP Systems

We at DTS provide a comprehensive set of Services and solution to assess the vulnerabilities in your ERP Solutions such as Oracle, SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Sage etc and provide their mitigation and resolution. We have in house application consultants, Penetration testers and Security analyst to provide following range of services to our clients in UAE and Middle East region.

ERP Security Assessment Service

DTS with its team of experienced Penetration testing team and application developers provides an in depth assessment of your ERP Systems such as Secure Configurations, Zero Days Discovery, Authentication validity, Injection defense, patching, Secure deployment assessment,ERP Scanning, Secure Code Analysis, DDoS Vulnerabilities, Secure Deployment architecture, Incident logging and reports and Social Engineering.

ERP Security Assessment Suite

DTS is partner with industry leading ERP assessment Suite that is ERPScan  

ERPScan provides following set of features to automate Security assessments by your in house resources.

360-degree solution covering all SAP security areas in one product;
ERPScan’s research team is the leader by the absolute number of vulnerabilities discovered in SAP;
We cover all platforms from ABAP to HANA as well as other customized industry solutions;
ERPScan consultants work with SAP SE supporting the improvement of security for their latest solutions;
ERPScan is designed for enterprises for continuous monitoring of vast landscapes.



ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite for SAP

ERPScan Security Monitoring Suite prevents Cyber-Attacks, Internal Fraud and Developer Mistakes in your landscape
Cost effective. All SAP security areas in one product: Vulnerability Management, Source Code Security, SoD
Enterprise. Continuous monitoring of vast landscapes (fast implementation, easy to use, scalable)
Flexible. Industry-specific and system-specific vulnerability and configuration checks
Detailed. Largest database of 10000+ SAP misconfigurations and vulnerabilities
Agentless. SAP certified connectors don’t require any agents or modifications in SAP

Learn more about ERPScan Security Monitoring Sute for SAP »

ERPScan add-on for Oracle PeopleSoft

All benefits of ERPScan platform plus:
PeopleSoft Vulnerability Assessment;
PeopleSoft Configuration;
PeopleSoft Anonymous Web Services;
PeopleSoft 0-day Vulnerabilities;
PeopleSoft Access Control;
Oracle Database Security Checks;