ISP selects DTS to Secure Next Generation Data Centers

A leading ISP in UAE has selected DTS Solution as the consulting firm to provide information and technology security services to deliver high performance and next generation security across their data centers. With the number of services the ISP offers; Mobile Network, Broadband Internet for Consumers / Corporate Customers, Billing, Retail, IPTV and VoIP and so on, has meant the need to build and develop next generation data centers that are scalable, modular, virtualized and of course highly secured.

With the volume of traffic the data center processes coupled with extensive consumer and corporate facing services hosted within the data center reaching critical mass and importance; the need to provide 99.999% availability, absolute confidence in a total secure software, platform and infrastructure (the three primary principles of a private cloud) and providing the right security expertise when it comes to telco data center security strategy all played a key role in the selection of DTS Solution.

Having successfully rolled out next generation data center security platforms and architecture across many other ISP’s – DTS Solution brings the knowledge, expertise and vision on how next generation data center security should be designed; ensuring technology longevity, increased user and session tracking capabilities, advanced security through application identification and proactive detection and prevention of anomalous and suspicious activity.

The Next Generation Data Center Security platforms deployed across a multi-tiered security architecture are based on Fortinet FortiGate UTM and Juniper Networks SRX secure platforms that are fully virtualized, integrated into ISP MPLS Core, providing private cloud Security as a Service (Sec.aaS) for all its applications/services that are serving internal and external users – be it employees, B2B partners or consumers.

“Our commitment to deliver the best-in-class security services to ISP customers continues to gain momentum – we at DTS Solution understand the security challenges a typical ISP faces on a daily basis. ISP’s need to shift to the offensive security model as they are constantly subject to security attacks” mentioned Shah Sheikh – Co-Founder and Sr. Security Consultant @ DTS Solution.

“With our experience and expertise – this exact offensive security model can be realized through practical means in next generation data center environments. Furthermore, ISPs are in a unique position to monetize their security investment by providing Managed Security and Hosted Cloud Security Services to their corporate customers – through the same infrastructure. We are delivering this exact capabilities for the ISP we are engaged with, not only are we providing them advanced technology based security solutions, but also providing a complete framework for securing next generation data centers. Our objective is also to ensure that security services are aligned to business needs and marketing trends to help our client stay ahead of their competition.”