Information and Service Flow Analysis

DTS Solution Professional Services team specialize in developing standardized Information and Security Service Flow Analysis that are based on your Enterprise I.T architecture. Security Service Flow Analysis enables your organization to have complete visibility of services and applications within your infrastructure. Enabling your business to rapidly provision new services, understand application and server dependencies, how applications and services traverse your infrastructure and assist in identifying potential security risks. The end outcome of the Information and Service Flow results is a representation of the logical security architecture based on security domains and zones; and how services and applications interact within the infrastructure.

By developing Service Flows across the architecture and analyzing them, provide great in-depth knowledge, visibility and awareness in how security is maintained as services and traffic traverses different security environments.

Creating such a standardized framework for Security Service Flow; organizations are able to apply common service flow standards on existing infrastructure. More importantly such a standard is extensively used for organizations that need to provision and commission new services. Provisioning new services within your infrastructure can pose numerous challenges and as part of the service design phase many different teams within your organizations will require inputs that all need to be mutually agreed upon.

With such challenges and having no common architecture framework, provisioning new services can indeed be a lengthy process. By developing a common architecture that illustrates the existing infrastructure and then by layering using security service flows can significantly enhance your understanding into how new services can be provisioned. The Information and Service Flow can also be utilized for operational and maintenance functions; where a complete end-to-end traffic flow can help in identifying, isolating and troubleshooting issues.

DTS offer Information and Service Flow Analysis as a consulting package. The datasheet has in-depth information on the service and the type of infrastructure the Service Flow Analysis can be done, for more information on this package and a demonstration please contact our sales team.

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