DTS Red Team “Script Kiddies” participates at The HITB+ CyberWeek Standoff Contest in Abu Dhabi

DTS Red Team "Script Kiddies" participates at The Standoff Contest part of the HITB+ CyberWeek in Abu Dhabi

DTS Solution, a leading cyber security advisory and consulting firm in the UAE, participated at the HITB+ CyberWeek organized by Hack In The Box (HITB), known for its cutting-edge technical talks and training in computer security.

HITB+ CyberWeek is the biggest global event held in Abu Dhabi, UAE from 12-17 October 2019. HITB+CyberWeek brought together the world’s top thinkers and cyber security experts to share their latest knowledge, ideas and techniques among security professionals.

DTS Red Team "Script Kiddies" participated as attackers at "The Standoff" Contest, an ultimate cyber battle put together by cyber security experts at Positive Technologies and HITB. Attackers and defenders face off in a smart city cyber security challenge featuring real-world critical infrastructure and technologies.

"The Standoff is one of the most challenging attack and defense contests in the world, where teams are competing to find vulnerabilities and attack vectors in real-world critical infrastructure." - Dhillon Kannabhiran, Founder and CEO of Hack In The Box.

The "Hackable City" is a mock digital metropolis with full IT and OT infrastructure including traffic systems, electrical plants, and transportation networks. Defenders (blue teams) were tasked with protecting vulnerable services from attackers (red teams). DTS Red Team, Script Kiddies were able to achieve given high-level objectives within set time frame based on attack targets.

DTS Solution at Hack In The Box