Yehia Mamdouh @ DTS Solution presents in Qubit 2016 in Prague – Release your Pet Worm….

QuBit is a cybersecurity community event for the industry professionals and academics that creates a unique Central European hub supporting the growth of new ideas. The mission is to maintain an atmosphere of "community spirit" where cyberspace professionals come together to present, discuss, debate, exchange and explore best practices, real-life stories, strategies and mind-opening ideas.

Our very own whitehat h@ck3r Yehia Mamdouh presented one of the most intriguing presentations on "releasing your very own pet worm within your enterprise infrastructure", subsequently releasing the source code of the pet worm named "BetWorm" on Github. Being Egyptian it is easy to see why he named the pet worm a BetWorm :)

In the current threat landscape, malware is by the biggest threat to a safe cyber community. From the traditional ye oldie viruses, worms and trojan horses, Yehia Mamdouh reincarnated the 1990's worm to the next generation worm "BetWorm" with the sole aim of letting it run lose within your enterprise infrastructure to find internal weaknesses and identifying potential compromises.