DTS participates at InfoSec Middle 2016 as part of the ISNR Conference in Abu Dhabi

Infosecurity Middle East 2016 is the Gulf’s specialist event for securing vital government and business data against ever-growing cyber threats.

In March 2016, DTS participated at the MENA launch event from Infosecurity Europe - Europe’s number one cyber security exhibition - at the heart of ISNR Abu Dhabi. In a region of great growth and potential, where MENA governments and corporations are making major cyber-security investments, Infosecurity Middle East aim was to help enterprises to protect and prepare for tomorrow.

Securing your world against advanced cyber crime, Infosecurity Middle East was the ideal place to develop knowledge, sharpen skills and connect with the global leaders in information security. DTS participated in InfoSecurity Middle East from 15th-17th March 2016, in order to take the company mission in front of a bigger audience across the GCC. The conference is undoubtedly the region’s only large-scale information security platform, assembling industry, government and thought leaders to tackle threats, issues and countermeasures in the cyber space. InfoSec Middle East was highly focused on addressing security concerns for Enterprise IT, Oil & Gas, Banking & Finance, Government, Healthcare and Telecoms industries. Key industry decision makers had the chance to meet DTS providing world-leading cyber security solutions across dedicated industry verticalss