What is SOC beyond a Monitoring Center?

SOC beyond a Monitoring Center

What is SOC beyond a Monitoring Center?

A CSOC (aka Cyber Security Operations Center) is often regarded as the workplace where the nerdy information security professionals spend their time in. Actually, its more than just a physical workplace with many more dimensions to it. So, let’s see what makes a monitoring center with screens and eyes a SOC.

What is SOC?

To an eagle’s eye, SOC is a facility where Information Security professionals monitor and analyze data and respond to threats to keep the organization safe from cyber-attacks. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. SOC consists of way more stuff. It includes a good security strategy, a fleet of security solutions strategically placed across the organization, a set of processes and procedures and some well-trained eyes to complement all that. All these combined the SOC is responsible for assessing and safe guarding the organization’s security posture.

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