Thomas Kettig presents the first FortiSandbox deployment in the region @ Fortinet Partner Conference

FortiSandbox Deployment Architecture

Thomas Kettig, Co-Founder and Sr. Security Architect @ DTS Solution presented a case study for the region's first FortiSandbox deployment at Fortinet's Regional Partner Conference in the Middle East held in Dubai. Being one of the preferred regional resellers and consulting firm for Fortinet Cyber Security Solutions, DTS was able to demonstrate their unique advantage when it comes to deploying advanced malware detection and prevention systems to protect organizations from evasive malware.

FortiSandbox is a key part of Fortinet’s innovative Advanced Threat Protection solution. Recommended by NSS Labs, FortiSandbox is designed to detect and analyze advanced attacks designed to bypass traditional security defenses. In independent NSS Labs testing, FortiSandbox demonstrated 99% Breach Detection effectiveness and due to Fortinet’s unique multi-layered sandbox analysis approach detected the majority of threats within one minute.

FortiSandbox, secured by FortiGuard, offers inspection of all protocols and functions in one appliance. It can integrate with your existing Fortinet infrastructure including FortiGate, FortiMail, and FortiClient, fueling a security ecosystem that automatically protects, learns, and improves your overall threat protection. It delivers highly effective protection against advanced persistent threats that is affordable as well as simple and flexible to deploy and manage. Complement your established defenses with this cutting edge sandbox capability; analyzing files in a contained environment to identify previously unknown threats and uncovering the full attack lifecycle.

Thomas Kettig mentioned "We have seen FireEye effectively dominate the market with advanced malware detection system market share but anyone who is technically competent will realize FireEye is ineffective in malware detection due to the way they perform emulation and sandboxing at the virtual machine level. This has been proven without doubt by NSS Labs that recently released their Security Value Map for Breach Detection System. Fortinet's FortiSandbox provides a great alternative to organizations looking to deploy advanced malware detection and prevention systems with excellent security effectiveness whilst maximizing on the TCO. Furthermore, FortiSandbox integration with FortiGate and FortiMail devices for organizations that already have a Fortinet infrastructure result in better malware remediation life-cycle."