RFC 5062 clearly highlights the security concerns and issues for SCTP protocol that is predominantly used for signalling functions within the Mobile Operator environment. SCTP protocol is neither TCP or UDP and is based on a multi-homed transport protocol based on a four-way handshake. Any attack or outage on the signalling infrastructure of the Mobile Core Network can in essence prevent the mobile users from making voice and data calls. With such critical importance of the signalling and control plane, use of SCTP needs to be secured to ensure continuity in services for the mobile operator.

SCTP is a native built-in feature in our solution offering; not only providing basic SCTP protocol protection but also SCTP application messaging security services. DTS can provide a comprehensive review of your existing signalling infrastructure and provide the necessary recommendations to secure it.

The SCTP security solution is based on the following features;

  • SCTP association awareness for session setup and close
  • Multi-homing awareness – multiple IP’s per single association
  • Rate limiting for SCCP/SST/SSP messages
  • SCTP application message awareness – M3UA/SCCP and others
  • SCTP ALG for operator inter-connect to cater for NAT requirements
  • Multi-homed Active-Active Firewall Solution Design with session-sync

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