Service Architecture Evolution (SAE) and Long Term Evolution (LTE) provide a combined IP-based flat core architecture and high speed 100Mbps data rates over the radio access networks redefining the way mobile data is utilized. With mobile data networks evolving from GPRS / EDGE / UMTS and HSDPA / HSUPA networks; LTE promises to set the mobile data agenda for the next decade whilst complimenting existing 3GPP standard and non-3GPP standard (WiMAX) based networks.

3GPP have standardized on LTE Security Architecture through multiple releases and is focused around the following TS standards;

TS 33.401 – SAE Security Architecture

  • User-to-Network Security – including user identity, user data ciphering and authentication.
  • Evolved Packet Core (EPC) Security – SGW / MME / HSS / PCRF intercommunication and signalling control plane security.
  • eNodeB handover – X2 and S1-MME interface handover
  • Management Plane protection on S1 interface
  • Legacy 3GPP network integration and operator roaming agreement
  • S-Gi Firewall with Next Generation Cone NAT features

TS 33.210 and 33.310 – Network Domain Control Plane Protection and Backhaul Security

  • eNodeB – Security requirements using SEG (Security Gateway) architecture based on IPSEC ESP and IKEv2
  • eNodeB security – auto-enrollment and configuration features and rogue eNodeB detection
  • eNodeB and PKI infrastructure integration – registration and deregistration process, key lifecycle management and CRL revokation

TS 33.203 – IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem) Security

  • Service Layer Architecture
  • CSCF and SIP signalling to IMS
  • HSS and Diameter Protocol

DTS Solution has in-depth knowledge on SAE / LTE security architectures and standards and can assist mobile operators to develop a strategic partnership, working with cross vendor platforms to provide the most optimized secure LTE network. From strategic telecom and network security consulting, LTE security architecture design and audit, validation of security requirements based on the solution offered are just some of the specialized services we offer. For more information on how DTS can help mobile operators for LTE deployments contact our sales team.