Managed Security Service Provider

By far, the market for managed security services has had tremendous growth, and there is no question that the small and medium sized business (SMB) portion is driving the growth. Most Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) believe the SMB portion of their businesses will continue to grow over the next few years. In addition, some companies that are projecting slower growth in the segment say they could see higher numbers if they have the staff and resources to keep up with the demand.

The reason why SMBs are showing a surge in interest in managed security;

  • Hackers are increasingly targeting SMBs, often due to the lack of security controls in place, media coverage of high-profile attacks helping small companies understand how their networks are vulnerable. SMB organizations often cannot invest on security services that are managed in-house and therefore rely on the technical expertise of their respective service provider.
  • SMBs in many industries are being forced to comply with regulatory requirements, which can be expensive and nearly impossible for small company to manage on its own.
  • Financially the business model for SMB to focus on its key business initiatives and invest in resources towards their business drivers is far more important than investing in resources that keep their organizations secure. By leveraging an out-sourced model SMB’s can take advantage of service provider managed services.

DTS Strategic Consulting division can work with Service Providers in creating a business model to execute managed security services that can be packaged and consumerized. Performing a cost-benefit analysis, go-to-market case studies, packaged solution offerings for end customers and deriving revenue growth assessment are some of the services DTS can offer. By collaborating with your marketing, service development and design team, DTS can provide a comprehensive analysis and assist in making the right technical and business decision to create a MSSP.

Managed Security Service Provider can opt for two different deployment models, often dictating the business value and strategy for MSS;

  • CPE Based
  • Cloud Based

DTS are experts in providing MSSP solutions in the following areas;

  • Managed UTM
  • Managed Firewall
  • Managed IPSEC VPN
  • Managed DDoS
  • Managed WAN
  • Managed SSL VPN
  • Managed Authentication Services
  • Managed Email

Contact our sales team to schedule a MSSP workshop highlighting the go-to-market model for MSSP, business drivers and financial analysis and technical deployment modes and service offerings.