Technical requirements gathering process to capture all the fundamental requirements that are needed from a particular product or solution is of high importance. Not identifying the correct requirements needed, miscalculating the necessary infrastructure requirements, no input from your cross-functional teams are some of the project delivery failure factors.

As DTS we ensure at project inception phase we carry out multiple technical workshops to identify all key requirements that need to be built into the project lifecycle from day zero; whilst working in a multi-dimensional manner we keep technical requirements aligned with that of the business and operational needs.

At DTS we understand the technical requirements gathering process needs to be facilitated whether it is a small or large scale project. For smaller projects we have developed standardized templates in the form of a questionnaire based on the solutions we offer. Customers complete this questionnaire giving an insight into their initial requirements. Whilst for larger projects it may be insufficient to do the same, we promote the technical requirements gathering process by carrying out on-site workshops.

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