A major gas supplier organization in Abu Dhabi selects DTS Solution to secure its plants and industrial control systems using specialized SCADA security solutions from Tofino – Byres Security. Securing the industrial control systems was of critical importance and high on the agenda of the organization having seen fellow organizations fail to protect their assets during the recent highly sophisticated targeted cyber attacks against Saudi Aramco and RASGAS Qatar.

The organization which supplies gas across the region has always innovated in the implementation of security technologies to protect its enterprise infrastructure but little was done to protect and secure critical assets within the control systems; their core business operations. An initiative driven by the CISO; the organization selected DTS Solution to provide the complete end-to-end service. The solution was designed based on ISA-99 standards of security zones and conduit analysis, detailed validation and testing prior to go-live, migration and implementation to protect critical identified zones and on-going support of the Tofino Security Solution to protect their core control system assets. DTS specializes in SCADA security solutions and armed with a focused team of SCADA certified architects and engineers were able to convince the organization we were the partner of choice through expertise in the subject matter.

DTS Solution were the first authorized reseller of Tofino Security solution in the region citing the need to emphasize on security of SCADA networks. With a clear consulting approach and partnering with leading SCADA security vendors such as Tofino – Byres Security has enabled DTS go-to-market with a compelling solution and story.