DTS Solution exhibits at the 4th Cyber Security Conference for Energy and Utilities in Abu Dhabi.

DTS Solution, the leading Information and Network Security Company participated in the three days significant event of Cyber Security Conference for Energy and Utilities held at the Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort & Spa from 29th March - 1st April 2015.

DTS Solution is a keen advocate for SCADA/ICS security and demonstrated their capabilities in the field through advanced security solutions to protect critical infrastructure assets along with illustrating how a SIEM solution can be used to develop a Security Operations Center for the SCADA/ICS environment.

As targeted threats towards Middle Eastern Energy and Utilities Sector increase at a fast pace the need to design and implement “secure by design” DCS and PCN infrastructure is more important than ever. The energy and utilities sector clients work with DCS vendor (ABB, GE, Schneider, Siemens, Yokogawa to name a few) who through no fault of their own consider security as a secondary or value-added addition to greenfield or brownfield projects. Instead of seeing security as a necessity or a must have it is often seen as a nice to have – resulting in in-secure designs and automation insecure architectures. Furthermore because these automation systems are not embedded with security principles the compensating controls are also weak or not clearly understood and often face resistance from the DCS vendors themselves.

Shah H Sheikh – Sr. Security Solutions Consultant and Co-Founder of DTS commented “The threat landscape of critical infrastructure protection is changing on a daily basis – have a look at the presentation I gave at the National Oil Conference earlier this month for Marsh. Organizations in the Middle East are hot targets for cyber-criminals and hacktivists – Saudi Aramco and RAS GAS are good examples. At DTS we provide some of the most critical security solutions in protecting critical infrastructure related to the energy and utilities sector. We have Tofino industrial grade firewalls that are IEC-62443 standard compliant and provide segmentation between different zones in your PCN environment, we also work closely with Asguard Networks who are leaders in providing overlay encryption technology – heavily utilized in Smart Grid, Digitial Oil Fields, Mid-Stream Service/Fuel Station Control Data Security – combine that with out complete 360 degrees security solution portfolio we can offer customers a complete turnkey SCADA/ICS Security offering.”

He went on commenting “DTS also have designed and implemented Security Operations Center (SOC.20) for some of the largest customers in the energy and utilities sector with the SIEM being the central point for log collection, threat analysis and offense management to provide real-time security posture within your PCN environment. Through our Professional Services Division we offer two fundamental areas of services – Cyber Security Management Framework and SCADA/ICS Technical Security Solutions.”