UNIX Security Framework

DTS Solution are experts in UNIX Security Framework Development which consists of the following phases;

  • *NIX system asset classification
  • *NIX minimum security baseline policy hardening documentation
  • *NIX system security assessment
  • *NIX system security remediation
  • * NIX system assessment report and observations

UNIX Security - Professional Services

DTS can take full responsibility to deliver UNIX Security projects whereby DTS analyses, assesses and identifies security loopholes, vulnerabilities and weaknesses across your UNIX system assets. By carrying out the assessment you can be assured that all vulnerabilities and risks identified can be mitigated through detective, preventative or compensating controls.

DTS Solution Professional Services can develop a comprehensive turnkey security framework for UNIX or better known as *NIX systems that are related to RedHat Linux, Unix, Solaris, AIX, Fedora and SUSE systems security ensuring that brownfield and greenfield system and OS deployment meet the developed minimum security baseline standards.

DTS Professional Services - UNIX Security Sample Scope of Work

DTS Professional Services are experts in UNIX Security Framework Development and creating a minimum security baseline standards.
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Sample UNIX System Authentication Workflow....

The following diagram highlights the in-depth analysis performed by our professional services team for UNIX system authentication workflow. One critical element is the authentication mechanism deployed for user and admin account authentication - by having detailed understanding of such workflow helps develop security standards whilst identifying weaknesses where stricter controls need to be implemented.