Business Drivers for Email Security ...

Exchanging emails is not only one of the most important tools in daily business but also in social life. Often information of high value and confidentiality is exchanged via emails. On the other hand the SMTP protocol used for exchanging emails is one of the earliest developed protocols without much focus on security, confidentiality or integrity.

Today the majority of the emails traveling through the Internet are considered Spam. Besides the annoying nature of Spam mail and the productivity loss for companies as employees get distracted; the significant risk imposed from spam is when it is used as a transport mechanism for Viruses and Trojans to propagate or when it is used to gain confidential information from employees by lurking them to infected websites.

DTS Solution works with market leading vendors in Mail Security to provide you with the most comprehensive integrated Mail Security solution .

DTS Mail Security Solution include:

  • AntiVirus protection
  • Inbound and Outbound AntiSpam protection
  • Mail Encryption
  • DLP
  • Mail Archiving
  • User Quarantine
Fortimail Email Security Solutions and Services Dubai Abudhabi UAE Saudi Qatar

Fortimail Email Security Solutions and Services Dubai Abudhabi UAE Saudi Qatar
Fortimail Spam and Malware Protection Dubai UAE

Low impact detection methods based on globally observed external malicious behavior (FortiGuard services) or locally observed malicious behaviour (Dynamic Sender Reputation, Connection Rate Limiting). These methods detect and prevent spam with minimal impact on the device, with a high catch rate and low false positive rate. Some new, low volume spam may initially evade these protection methods so other lower level methods are employed.

FortiMail has a unique architecture which does not rely on mail queuing as with other solutions:

  • If mail is received and the destination is available, the message is scanned in real time and proxied to the destination without any queuing
  • Only if the destination mail server is unavailable does the message get queued
  • This unique architecture delivers unprecedented performance and makes the solution scalable to ISP and Carrier levels

FortiMail is designed to perform spam detection in both inbound and outbound direction

  • Inbound spam detection protects users
  • Outbound spam detection is critical to protect the reputation of the network and domain

The FortiMail architecture has been designed to optimize performance and to detect malicious content as soon as possible, with as little resource impact as possible. Detection is performed in order: Connection based methods:

  • Global FortiGuard IP Reputation
  • FortiGuard Botnet Tracking Database
  • Local Dynamic Sender Reputation
  • Connection Rate Limiting

Header Based Methods:

  • Recipient verification
  • RFC Compliancy
  • SMTP Error Rate Control
  • Sender White / Black Lists
  • DHA Protection
  • SPF/DomainKey Identified Mail (DKIM)
  • Greylisting

Full Content Based Methods:

  • FortiGuard Spam DB
  • Heuristic Detection
  • Bayesian Filtering
  • Newsletter Detection
  • Anti-Malware Detection
  • Web Content Filtering

Fortimail Layered Spam Protection Dubai Abudhabi UAE
Fortimail Advanced Spam and Anti-Malware Protection Dubai UAE

Header filtering techniques rely on allowing the email exchange to begin, validating the details and looking for anomalies in this phase. These techniques may include:

  • Verifying the existence of the destination user (via an accepted RCPT TO:)
  • Validating the requests comply with RFC standards
  • Rate limiting of invalid SMTP commands and requests
  • White (allowed) and black (disallowed) listing of email senders and domains
  • Repeated requests to send mail to random user names e.g. Andy@, Brian@, Carl@ in order to harvest the directory (DHA)
  • Support for emerging standards for the verification of sending server to prevent spoofing using DNS techniques e.g.
  • Sender Policy Framework (RFC4408)
  • DomainKeys Identified Mails (RFC4871) (as supported by Yahoo, Gmail, AOL)
  • Temporary fail SMTP transfer of mail to FortiMail to protect against botnet spam distribution

Full content filtering use the body content, attachments and preceding information (connection/header) combined to identify malicious emails.. These techniques may include:

  • FortiGuard Spam checksum database
  • Heuristic detection
  • Bayesian Filtering
  • Newsletter Detection
  • Anti-Malware Detection
  • Web Content Filtering to detect

These methods are the most resource intensive so it is more efficient to detect mail using the previous techniques however, they are utilized to increase the catch rate to the high 99.8%+ levels.