Security as a Service model can essentially be deployed into four domains; cloud providers, internet service providers, managed security service providers and data center hosting environments. The service model of Security as a Service stems from Software as a Service (SaaS) outsourced security management model where the providers are able to offer security services to end consumers on an on-demand basis that varies based on the type of security services the consumer is subscribed to.

The providers are in a unique position to monetize security services by developing Security as a Service model, whilst large enterprises that host data centers serving their end consumers and internal employees can also reap benefits of such a model.

DTS can work with your organization to develop and architect such a model; working proactively with the marketing team to the overall design, deployment and operations of the SaaS solution. In any Security as a Service model the foremost task that needs to occur is the development of a financial analysis and ROI calculation to outline the revenue and cost-benefit terms for investing in such a model. With experienced consultants, DTS are able to provide you with the right tools to make an informative calculated decision.

Working with market leading vendors, DTS is able to provide a complete Security as a Service model for an existing infrastructure or a green-field site. By leveraging our expertise in the domain of security we can translate ideas into practicality.