Mohamed Bedewi presents @ GISEC – Your Network in the Eyes of a Hacker (Th3 0ff3n$!v3 V3r$!0n)

DTS Solution resident lead penetration testing consulting and head of the offensive division presented at GISEC 2015. Titled "Your Network in the Eyes of a Hacker - Th3 0ff3n$!v3 V3r$!0n" did little to give confidence and assurance that the state of the information and cyber security is improving within UAE. Mohamed Bedewi presented his security research and findings, vulnerabilities and zero-day exploits that is directly applicable in the UAE.

Mohamed proved that not only applications or operating systems are vulnerable but also network security equipment leading to infiltration into any corporate perimeter environment. Furthermore his work on ERP - Oracle and SAP Security to be specific raised plenty of eyebrows revealing sensitive data such as Data of Birth, Employee ID, Emirates ID, IBAN numbers from poorly configured ERP systems within the UAE.