DTS Solution presents ICS and SCADA Security at GASCO Technology Awareness Week

DTS Solution presents Industrial Control Systems (ISC) and SCADA Security at GASCO Technology Awareness Week. Abu Dhabi Gas Industries (GASCO) the natural gas producing company annually holds the IT Strategy and Technology Awareness Week that was attended by internal employees and key individuals from various disciplines ranging from IT, Automation and Engineering.

DTS Solution presented cyber security threats within the utilities industry and being a focal area of development for DTS it was only justified to center the presentation and discussion on protecting processes within an industrial control systems environment. With the level of threats increasing exponentially and particular aimed at national critical infrastructure the requirement to secure and perimeterize defenses across control systems are paramount to the safety and security of the people.

Recent events and detailed analysis of the Stuxnet virus cements that infrastructure are under threat from highly coordinated, sophisticated and targeted attacks. DTS Solution through technology partnership with two leading Industrial Control Systems Security vendors presented a blueprint that is typically deployed with ISA-99 policy compliance for plant networks. The blueprint is based on Industrial Defender, Tofino Security, Positive Technologies and Core Trace security products that provide a defense in depth strategy across a plant network whilst maintaining an air-gap philosophy between the convergence of IT and plan networks. From Network and Host Intrusion Detection and Prevention System, Application Whitelisting, Security Event Management, Modbus Firewall, Unified Threat Management and Remote Access Dial-Up Solution are just some of the components that make up the blueprint.


“As utilities organization look outside of traditional IT security a practical defense in depth strategy that is tailored around ICS/SCADA security needs to be manufactured” mentioned Vahe Daghlian – Managing Director of DTS Solution. “It is not only important for utilities to assess, identify and categorize security risks present within ICS environment but to understand mitigation techniques as the plant networks are typically very old legacy systems. We at DTS offer SCADA security readiness assessment service through our Professional Services team where we can help organizations understand these security risks and plan objectively to ensure security is maintained using specialized products and ensure the application of industry best practices.”

Being part of the GASCO Technology Awareness Week – DTS is committed to raise awareness of the security challenges within the ICS/SCADA environment whilst providing practical preventative solutions. Being invited along with major vendors such as Cisco, HP, Brocade, Dell and others is very important for the development of this practice.