P1 Security

Vendor details

P1 Security is dedicated to providing top security products and services for high-expertise security areas. Founded by experts in Security and Enterprise software and services, P1 Security places its value in maturity of security planning and implementation, while preserving the clients business.

P1 Security is headed by Philippe Langlois, founder of Qualys (world leader of vulnerability assessment service), INTRINsec (European consulting company, first to launch penetration testing in France and one of the earliest Payment Gateway security technology provider),Telecom Security Task Force (Research think tank and consulting network in Telecom sector), WaveSecurity (Wireless networks security technology manufacturer).

P1 Security is a member of TCERT and ANRSI.

TCERT is the Telecom Computer Emergency Response Team.

ANRSI is the National Association for Research in Information Security in France, aka Association Nationale pour la Recherche en Sécurité des systèmes d’Information.


P1 Security is a global operation with offices in Europe (Paris, France), America (San Francisco, US), South Asia (Bangalore, India) and Southeast Asia (Bangkok, Thailand).

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