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A rising tide lifts all the boats

Network security has become an all-encompassing responsibility. Every organization needs to protect and manage corporate assets. Every employee has a vested interest in keeping sensitive data safe.

The implications for organization’s that cannot develop best practices for securing corporate infrastructure are dire. The consequences range from losing millions – even billions – of dollars, to becoming the next victim of international cyber espionage. No one can afford to let these crimes take place.

At Great Bay Software, our goal is to help you take action. We put our utmost into guiding you through these challenges. We offer solutions that provide you with tighter control and comprehensive visibility over every single endpoint accessing your network. With our technology, you can improve network security and quickly respond to potential threats before they become major issues.

Our mission:

We are the strength of our people: Loyal, insightful and tenacious. Our mission is to empower enterprise-class clients to achieve enhanced network security, visibility and operational efficiency. We achieve this through:

  • Fearless innovation and creativity
  • Dependable, scalable solutions that are easy to implement and support
  • An uncompromising commitment to our clients, our investors and each other.

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