DGISR – Dubai

DGISR – Dubai Government Information Security Resolution is a Information Security Regulatory authority developed to maintain information security standards for Dubai and also work along with international compliance standards.

DTS Solution works with updated standards defined by DGISR and provides compliance and consultancy services in this area.

The Information Security Regulation consists of 12 domains, each of which takes into consideration one major class of information security or more, these being Governance, Operation and Assurance. The Governance domains set high-level requirements for structuring and managing information security; the Operation domains are technical and/or non-technical solutions an entity may use depending on the results of their risk assessment study; and the Assurance domains act as the quality assurance for the entity, ensuring that the implemented solution is working as intended.

The 12 domains which constitute the structure of information security are Information Security Management and Governance; Information Asset Management; Information Security Risk Assessment; Incident Management; Access Control; Operations, Systems and Communication Management; Business Continuity Planning; Information Systems Acquisition, Development and Management; Environmental and Physical Security; Human Resource Security; Compliance and Audit; and Information Security Assurance and Performance Measurement.