DTS Solution is an innovative organization that redefines the information and network security services industry. With dynamic and ever-changing business demands and requirements of information technology in the modern day, security related concerns, issues and challenges are more prevalent than ever before.

Empowering users; giving them the ability to connect to corporate resources from any device, from any location at any time to educating and raising awareness to internal employees on social engineering are just some of the challenges security professionals face. Security needs to be visioned with an added dimension to counteract and thwart diverse attack vectors. No longer is it sufficient to rely on traditional security defense mechanisms within your infrastructure; with DTS you can count on our experience, expertise, diverse knowledge and innovative solution offering to meet your business objectives.

DTS organization is based on a bottom-up approach that is primarily driven by technical experts. Working with a bottom-up approach we are able to execute and deliver services in a more efficient and agile manner; understanding key challenges that your service design, planning, creation and operations team face on a daily basis. By collaborating and working proactively on project engagements we strive to provide integrated and innovative end-to-end solutions empowering your business through mitigating risk and streamlining your operational effectiveness.

DTS Solution’s vision is based on simple ethos, our primary objective is to be seen as a trusted security advisor within the information and network security field. Providing best-in-class security services to your organization our aim is to ensure complete client satisfaction not only during project engagement but more importantly after the project delivery lifecycle.

Providing a high degree of client confidence and assurance, value based security services, lateral security consulting approach and innovating in the security industry are a few of our key goals. Security is a dynamic operation and DTS is no different; our organization ethic is based on its ability to be elastic in nature and adapt to market needs. As we develop a strong portfolio of established technology vendors and niche security industry players, DTS is committed to provide a complete end-to-end solution delivery; ranging from pre-sales to post-sales services.


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We are always on the hunt for talented individuals that think laterally and put application of thought process in creating solutions, innovating in ideas and thinking outside the box. To join DTS Solution team please forward your CV to –

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