WAN Optimization Solutions

Get the most from your WAN—without buying more bandwidth

WAN optimization minimizes bandwidth use between data centers by using the most appropriate compression algorithm and reducing the transmission of redundant data. This results in better application performance and improved backup and recovery times. WAN optimization can also reduce or defer the costs of linking data centers.

F5 WAN optimization technology can significantly improve data replication performance, including Microsoft Exchange mailbox replication, and database synchronization between distant data centers. F5 solutions deliver predictable, fast, LAN-like performance over the WAN, accelerating applications, file transfer, storage replication and backup, VDI, and virtual machine migrations.

Business benefits of using F5 for WAN optimization include:

  • Improved performanceF5 iSessions technology accelerates data sent over the WAN with symmetric adaptive compression and data deduplication.
  • Increased efficiencyYou can mitigate the effects of latency with F5’s TCP Express and protocol optimizations that maximize bandwidth utilization.
  • Cost savingsBy expanding WAN capacity and offloading CPU-intensive processes from servers, F5 helps you save on hardware and bandwidth.
  • Stronger securitySSL or IPsec encryption of data over the WAN ensures the secure and fast transfer of business-critical information.
  • Smooth implementation

    F5 solutions have been tested with many of the leading storage replication software and applications to ensure interoperability and improved performance.